The NEW Grams by Skunk2 Fuel Pressure Regulator has arrived to LAUNCH Distribution!

For superior control and fuel delivery to your EFI engine, upgrade to the Grams Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator 2pE (2 port-EFI). Utilizing a 1:1 rise ratio, the Grams 2pE high flow capacity is adjustable from 35-112psi. The 2pE also features a custom fluorocarbon diaphragm and a stainless steel internal orifice ensuring precise regulated control while maintaining optimum pressure under high levels of performance. The 2pE has dual -10 AN inlets, a single -6 AN outlet, 1/8” NPT gauge port and works with Gasoline, E85, and Methanol. The 2pE is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 and is fully anodized to resist corrosion. The Grams Performance and Design Fuel Pressure Regulator 2pE is the ideal solution to maintain accurate and steady fuel delivery to both stock and modified engines. Every Grams Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator is designed, assembled and tested in California, USA.


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