Let’s welcome the new KW Competition TTRSPW4A TwinTube damper has a precise 4-way damper adjustment in low speed and high speed forces of the compression stage as well as the rebound stage with 18 clicks each. Its functional principle with solid slave piston allows an direct reaction even at the lowest strokes. The new KW valve technology with plate springs allows an individual characteristic design and covers a large force range of 1000 to 8000N. Depending on the requirements, the modular built damper can also be extended with an additional blow-off characteristic. The valve arrangement ensures a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure. Due to its construction-independent use possibilities, the damper is suitable for any type of non-wheel-guiding axle constructions such as double wishbone or pushrod suspensions. The external reservoir is connected to the damper either directly as a piggyback or via a hose connection.

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