Whiteline is committed to continuous development on the S550 2015+ Mustang Chassis. No over 18 specific products and counting for this chassis, Whiteline’s own 2017 Mustang GT serves as a test bed for performance suspension products and is raced in the Optima Ultimate Street Car, Global Time Attack, and NMCA West Autocross Series.

New Releases:
Whiteline KTA228 Lower Control Arm: This arm helps reduce flex reducing the potential for deflection or unintended changes in rear Toe. On Car adjustability allows for precise toe alignment tuning of the rear suspension. Kit also comes complete with factory toe lock out washers to maintain desired settings.

Whiteline KTA229 Vertical Links: Designed from high performance 6061-T6 forged aviation grade aluminium. The arm along with the minimal flex polymer bushings removes the nasty undesirable effects of rubber bushing oscillations under high loading, maintaining consistent alignment angles during cornering and eliminating wheel hop.