We at LAUNCH would like to inform our dealers that All VERA Management systems (with the exception of Essential) now feature Specialty Suspension Seamless Tanks. Improvements have been made to the VERA Elite management for the 2nd Generation. In addition to the current air suspension management release of the VERA Basic Management (TH-MM03), the VERA Basic Management offers the same functionality as the VERA Essential Management but adds a baseboard and Seamless Aluminum tank.

TRUHART items to be discontinued before year end:
All StreetMAX Coilovers (TH-x9xx part #s), AirMAX Air Struts (TH-x110x part #s) and brake rotors (TH-H90xF part #s) have been discontinued. Please update your listings accordingly. We will be releasing our new line of dampning adjustable coilovers and air struts at the end of the year.