StopTech®, the ultra performance and racing brand from Centric Parts®, introduces a new line of StopTech® Racing Brake Friction that brings the company’s “Brake Late, Finish First”® philosophy to a wider range of racing disciplines. The new racing pads complement the company’s extensive range of high performance brake component and system upgrades – and help turn any StopTech® system into a dedicated race system.

[STracePadsPathed] Available in four formulations, the new StopTech® Racing Brake Pads are engineered to provide optimal friction levels for a variety of different racing applications. All StopTech® Racing Brake Pads provide shorter stops, increased control through superior pedal modulation, and fade-free performance at extreme racing temperatures. StopTech® Racing pads are designed to provide superior performance in any racing brake system, and match the outstanding performance capabilities drivers have come to expect from all StopTech® Racing Brake Systems and components.

StopTech’s® unique metallic compounds are blended with carbon and graphite particles to provide an optimal high temperature race friction material. The result is smoother, more predictable and more consistent brake engagement along with exceptional release characteristics not found in most other racing friction materials.

StopTech® engineers work directly with race teams, often trackside, to gather valuable experience in dynamic real world conditions. Data is immediately integrated into the research and development process, resulting in optimized brake systems for individual racing programs.

StopTech® Racing Brake Pads Provide:
-Optimized friction levels for shortest stops
-Engineered for extreme temperatures
-Superb modulation and release characteristics
-Low compressibility for precise pedal actuation
-Excellent pad and rotor life

Pad Compound Characteristics
SR34 Compound

-Superior pedal feel and modulation characteristics
-Formulated for high initial bite
-Slight torque rise with temperature
-Extremely low pad and abraded disc wear
-All purpose pad for high grip, high power applications

SR33 Compound
-Slight reduction in torque compared to SR34 Compound
-Excellent pedal modulation for applications requiring a medium friction level
-Flat torque curve with temperature rise
-Extreme fade resistance
-Great for rear applications that require less friction but same level of control as SR34 Compound

SR32 Compound
-Similar friction levels to the SR34 Compound
-Linear torque curve with temperature rise with excellent release characteristics
-Superb abraded disc wear
-Maximum high-temperature stability
-For medium to high horsepower applications that require higher friction levels

SR30 Compound
-Medium to low friction levels with linear torque curve with rising temperature
-Extreme high temperature fade resistance
-Excellent modulation and release characteristics
-Repeatable performance
-For Touring Car rear applications and others requiring lower torque

StopTech® Racing Brake Friction products are available now. For more information about any StopTech product, visit

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