COMING SOON – DDC Plug and Play for 2019 MB AMG G63 (W463) by KW Suspension

It’s not just for cars anymore!

KW suspensions, has developed a new KW DDC Plug & Play coilover suspension for the current Mercedes AMG G 63 (Type 463A). The electronically regulated dampers are compatible with the onboard electronics and integrate seamlessly with the factory sensors of the Mercedes AMG G 63. With the new adaptive DDC Plug & Play coilover suspension kit, KW uses solid piston technology that places the valves outside of the inner piston tube, as with KW Variant 5. KW utilizes two electronically controlled valves in the KW DDC Plug & Play coilover suspension kit for the AMG G 63. Thanks to the adaptive KW dampers, the 585 hp off-road vehicle benefits from significantly more direct road holding and improved handling. As a portion of the parts approval, the coilover suspension kit allows a stepless variable lowering of up to 30 millimeters on both driven axles.

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