NOW AVAILABLE: CSF Universal Dual-Pass Heat Exchanger

We’re excited to announce the arrival of the CSF Universal Dual-Pass Heat Exchanger from CSF Performance.

CSF fills another market gap by bringing a high performance and versatile heat exchanger to the performance aftermarket. For fabricators and vehicle builders, there is no longer a need to fabricate custom heat exchangers or have to pay for an expensive one-off unit.

The product is aimed toward those who specialize in making be-spoke liquid-to-air forced induction kits. With universal fitment, various mounting orientations are achievable, including horizontal (cross-flow), vertical (down-flow), positioned parallel or in a V-mount configuration. This new heat exchanger is a perfect match to CSF’s (largest in the industry) range of liquid-to-air intercooler cores.

CSF’s new universal heat exchanger can also be used in any vehicle system as a supplemental or auxiliary radiator for additional cooling.

+ Overall Dimensions (Tank/Tank) 25’L x 7.25’H x 2.5’W (635mmL x 184mmH x 64mmW)
+ 2-row 52mm (Dual Core) featuring CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology
+ Ultra-efficient multi-louvered fin w/ 8mm fin height (for proper air flow to other cooling components). Resulting in optimal surface area contact and heat dissipation
+ Dual-Pass structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the heat exchanger 2 times before exiting the radiator for lowest outlet temperature possible
+ 4 CNC machined mounting points – 2 on each end tank
+ 3/4 inch inlet/outlet slip-on hose fittings (19mm)
+ 100% all aluminum TIG welded construction
+ Polished to a satin finish

Call your LAUNCH Sales Rep today to place an order!


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